• Get Married Online in New York City

    To get married in New York City, you first have apply for a Marriage License which usually costs $35 and is valid for 60 days!


    For more information on how to obtain this license, please click here.



    After you obtain your Marriage License, you must wait 24 hours to have a Marriage Ceremony.


    Prior to the ceremony a licensed minister will request a copy of your Marriage License that you can send via email.

    *** If you have a Marriage License not issued by Project Cupid, please email us at info@newyorkmarried.com ***



    Your virtual ceremony will be performed via Skype, Zoom, or any personal choice for group video chat.

    On the day of the ceremony, we will normally log-in 10 minutes prior so that the minister can check ID's, your location, and obtain electronic signatures for the Marriage License

    (One witness, 18 or over, located in New York with a valid ID is required. They can be in-person with you or can login virtually)

    Once the Marriage Ceremony is complete we will fill out the Marriage License with 100% accuracy and we'll email it back to you to upload it onto Project Cupid

    (We can also email the Marriage License to the City Clerk on your behalf, your choice!)

    Finally you can have peace of mind as it will take around 2-4 weeks for your Marriage Certificate to arrive back to you in the mail.

  • You can email us your desired time and date so we can check for availability to have you booked accordingly!

    Email: info@newyorkmarried.com