• Get Married Online in New York City

    To get married in New York City, you first have apply for a Marriage License which usually costs $35 and is valid for 60 days!


    For more information on how to obtain this license, please click here.



    After you obtain your Marriage License, you must wait 24 hours to have a Marriage Ceremony.


    On the day of the virtual ceremony, a licensed minister will ask to see your Marriage License and your valid ID's.

    Then you have to pass a simple New York IP test to verify that you're located in New York.

    Click Here for the New York IP Test


    Your virtual ceremony will be performed via Skype, Zoom, or any personal choice for group video chat.

    Invite as many guests as you'd like!

    Once the ceremony is complete, the licensed minister will guide you and your witness to sign the appropriate spots on the Marriage License.

    A full signature is required and it must be in black ink!


    If you have a hard copy of the Marriage License, we can make arrangements to pick it up from you the same day!


    *An additional $39 fee may apply, please discuss the details with your minister.*


    Once our officiant receives the Marriage License, they will fill out the remaining details for you with 100% Accuracy.

    If you obtained a Marriage License through Project Cupid, we can email it to the City Clerk for you or assist you with uploading it to your account!

    Finally you can have peace of mind as it will take around 2-4 weeks for your Marriage Certificate to arrive back to you in the mail.